Infertility Treatment: Parenthood is Reality

We understand the various aspects of Infertility in both males and females which helps us in making your dream of Parenthood realised. Sizeable percentage of couples are facing infertility issues which can be attributed their lifestyle such as stress, intake of junk food, obesity, use of alcohol, over age, and similar other environmental factors.


What is Infertility and when shall we see a Doctor?

Let us try to understand what infertility is. Infertility is when you cannot get pregnant after having unprotected, regular sex for six months to one year, depending on your age. This means that you are trying to have a baby, but there is no pregnancy.  You may wonder if either you or your partner has a medical problem that needs to be diagnosed. Take a few minutes to call us to find out what your next steps should be.

There are 2 types of infertility:

  • Primary Infertility –where someone who’s never conceived a child in the past has difficulty conceiving
  • Secondary Infertility –where someone has had 1 or more pregnancies in the past, but is having difficulty conceiving again

Infertility doesn’t always mean you’re “sterile” — unable to have a child ever. Half of couples who get help can eventually have a child, either on their own or with medical help. You can be one among those lucky one, enjoying parenthood by boosting your pregnancy chances.

Diagnosis, we carry out for couples

Fertility tests for Women:

  • Blood tests: Samples of your blood can be tested for a hormone called progesterone to check whether you’re ovulating.
  • Chlamydia test: Chlamydia is an Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) that can affect fertility- a test to eliminate its possibility and treatment.
  • Ultrasound scan: For checking of blockages of ovaries, womb (uterus) and fallopian tubes. Certain conditions that can affect the womb, such as endometriosis and fibroids, can prevent pregnancy.
  • X-ray : A hysterosalpingogram is an X-rayof your womb and fallopian tubes after a special dye has been injected. It can be used to find blockages in your fallopian tubes, which may be stopping eggs travelling along the tubes and into your womb.
  • Laparoscopy(keyhole surgery) involves making a small cut in your lower tummy so a thin tube with a camera at the end (a laparoscope) can be inserted to examine your womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Fertility tests for Men:

  • Semen analysis: This is to check for problems with sperm, such as a low sperm count or sperm that are not moving properly.
  • Chlamydia test: A sample of urine will be tested to check for chlamydia which affect fertility.


Our approach for infertility treatment is highly personalised and holistic at every stage and maintain strict confidentiality about patient’s details.  Under the hands of Dr Nidhi Bhatnagar, expert of Infertility Treatment, many couples got the dream of parenthood come true. Our experts, with their expertise and experience use latest technologies in the fields of diagnostics for higher accuracy to customise the treatment plan for each couple. We also provide counselling, monitoring and personalised care during the journey of pregnancy.

We offer following four main types of fertility treatment:

  • Counseling
  • Medicines
  • Surgical procedures
  • Assisted conception – including intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilisation (IVF)