In a road accident, l had grievous injuries and was brought to Lifetron Hospital by some unknown persons in unconscious condition. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in hospital bed with pain in full body, not able to move my limbs, acute headache. I cried and fainted again. After intensive care, followed by hip surgery, I am being discharged today. Lifetron Hospital treated me in ICU without any fee till my relatives arrived. Thanks for saving my life.

Vivek Dubey, Keshavpuram, Kanpur

I was having high fever for over one week and convulsions over two days. I fell unconscious. My parents admitted me in ICU of Lifetron Hospital. Doctors and paramedics started my treatment immediately and I regained my conscious in 24 hours. I was diagnosed Viral Encephalitis and with the best treatment, I recovered fully and was discharged from the hospital in a week. When I was leaving the hospital, I saw tears of gratitude in the eyes of my parents, who almost lost the hope of my survival. Thanks Lifetron!

Mayank Pandey, Kannauj, Kanpur